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Districts of England

The Districts of England are the lowest level of local government in England except for Parish/Town councils. England is first divided into governmental regions, then administrative counties. Counties are then subdivided into districts. Some counties no longer have county councils, and the components are now independent unitary authorities. These counties are indicated in brackets.

Additionally, some districts of county councils have been elevated to unitary authority status. These are listed in brackets under the administrative county they used to be part of. Two of these, Herefordshire and Rutland are listed directly under the region as they are historic counties also.

See: List of English districts by population.

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1 East of England
2 East Midlands
3 Greater London
4 North East England
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6 South East England
7 South West England
8 West Midlands
9 Yorkshire and the Humber
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East of England

East Midlands

Greater London

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North East England

North West England

South East England

South West England

West Midlands

Yorkshire and the Humber

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