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The name "Norfolk" originally referred to a region of England. For a discussion of the region's name and history, see Norfolk, England.

There are many other places named after this region, either directly or indirectly:-

Norfolk also refers to a style of cooking seafood in a butter sauce, derived from Norfolk, Virginia.

A Norfolk jacket is a loose, belted, single-breasted jacket with box pleats on the front and back. The style was long popular for boys' jackets and suits and is still used in some (primarily military and police) uniforms. It was originally designed as a hunting jacket to be worn by the Duke of Norfolk and his guests whilst hunting on his estate and became fashionable in the early nineteenth century after the Prince Regent ordered one made for himself. See "Norfolk Jackets and Suits" (an external link).

The Norfolk pine is a species of tree (Araucaria heterophylla), also called the "Norfolk Island pine."

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