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London Borough of Islington

Islington is a borough of London to the north of the City of London, west of Hackney, east of Camden, and south of Haringey. Population 179,000 (1998), ethnic minority population about 20%. Formed in 1964 through amalgamation of the Metropolitan Borough of Islington and the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury. Area of significant social contrasts (55% of population live in council housing, yet some houses of value greater than 3 million GBP). Contains one of the largest intact areas of urban Georgian architecture. Also known for its shopping facilities and "trendy" restaurants, bars and clubs.

London Borough of Islington
Population:175,797 (2001)
Ethnicity:75% white, 11% black, 2% bangla
Formerly:Islington, Finsbury
Villages:Clerkenwell, Highbury, Holloway
Neighbours:Camden, City, Hackney, Haringey
MPs:Jeremy Corbyn, Chris Smith
GLA:North East London
The borough includes the areas:

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Famous Residents

Tony Blair, Prime Minister, once lived here (in 1 Richmond Crescent, Barnsbury). Other famous residents include the writers George Orwell and Douglas Adams, playwright Joe Orton, politician Boris Johnson, and pop musicians Dido Armstrong and David Gray.

Famous Places

Demographics of Islington

According to the
2001 census Islington has a population of 175,797. It is 75% white, 6% black african, 5% black caribbean and 2% Bangladeshi. 32% of the borough are owner-occupiers.


The area was recorded as Gislandune (c. 1000) and Iseldone (Domesday Book, 1086), from Old English *Gisla (man's name, genitive *Gislan) and -dun (hill, down).

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