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Aylesbury Vale

The Aylesbury Vale (or Vale of Aylesbury) is a large area of flat land largely to be found in Buckinghamshire, England. Its boundary is marked by Milton Keynes to the north, Leighton Buzzard and the Chiltern Hills to the east and south, Thame to the south and Bicester to the west.

The vale is named after Aylesbury, the county town of Buckinghamshire, which stands at its centre. Only one other town lies within the vale and that is Winslow.

The bed of the vale is largely made up of clay, that was formed at the end of the Ice Age. Also at this time the vast underground reserves of water that make the water table higher than average in the Vale of Aylesbury were created.

Today the area is known as a district of north Buckinghamshire, administered by Aylesbury Vale District Council.

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