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Derbyshire is both a county in England. It is situated in the East Midlands and boasts some of England's most attractive hill and mountain scenery. A substantial portion of the Peak District National Park lies within Derbyshire. The northern part of Derbyshire overlaps with the Pennines, a famous chain of hills and mountains. The county contains part of the National Forest.

It is currently 225,074 hectares in area, and has a two-tier local government, with a county council based in Matlock and eight district councils. Population: about 750,000 (2002). Apart from 13 towns with between 10,000 and 100,000 inhabitants, there is a large amount of sparsely populated agricultural upland: 75% of the population live in 25% of the area.

Before 1998 the county included Derby, and had an area of 658,885 acres. Derby is now a unitary authority, but remains part of Derbyshire for ceremonial purposes.

Derbyshire is divided into a number of districts

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