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London Borough of Newham

The London Borough of Newham is a London borough in northeast London. Before it was incorporated into Greater London in 1965 it was mainly composed of two county boroughs, of East Ham and West Ham, and part of it, North Woolwich, was in the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich.

London Borough of Newham
Population:243,891 (2001)
Ethnicity:39% white, 13% african, 20% asian
Villages:East Ham, North Woolwich, West Ham
Neighbours:Barking, Greenwich, Hackney
Newham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest
MPs:Stephen Timms, Jim Fitzpatrick,
Tony Banks
GLA:City and East London

It is considered part of Outer London for most purposes because it was not in the old County of London. However, economically it is one of the more deprived areas, and Newham Council have a campaign to get it officially considered part of Inner London, which would have certain financial advantages.

Demographics of Newham

According to the 2001 census the population of the borough is 243,891. It is 41% white, 13% black african, 12% Indian and 9% Bangladeshi. 44% of householders are owner-occupiers.

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