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Woking is a large town in England, in the west of Surrey. It is about 30 minutes by train from London. Woking was formed around the station built there over 150 years ago to act as a junction between trains to the south coast and the necropolis railway to Brookwood cemetery. Later, Woking was home to the first crematorium in the United Kingdom (St Johns) and the first mosque in the UK (on Walton Road). It was also the location for Brookwood Cemetery, which was developed by the London Necropolis Company as an overflow burial ground for London's dead.

It is now a dormitory town for commuters into London and Heathrow airport, with a population of around 90,000.

Woking is famous for its football club Woking F.C.

It was also home to H.G. Wells, who had the Martians in War of the Worlds land in the town, and to Dame Ethel Smythe.

The Basingstoke Canal passes through Woking.

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