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This is about the English city of Nottingham. For other uses, see Nottingham (disambiguation).

Nottingham is a city located in the East Midlands of England.

Nottingham lies on the River Trent, which flows from Stoke-on-Trent to the Humber - the only English river to flow North.

Earlier names for the settlement include Tigguo Cobauc and Snottingham (from the Anglo-Saxon King Snot's home). The populace are grateful that the S became lost in the course of history.

It is famous for Nottingham Lace and the supposedly exceptional beauty of its young women.

Nottingham also has a good night-life. There are many clubs and bars in the centre of town that are popular amongst both the local and student communities.

Nottingham was also home to the famous Raleigh Cycles. However during the Summer of 2003 the Raleigh factory on Triumph Road was Demolished.

It is close to the M1 motorway and also served by train services to London, Birmingham, the north and all other parts of the UK. It is a short distance from East Midlands Airport, making the city easily accessible from all parts of the world.

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284,300 in Nottingham itself, the total for the conurbation is ca. 750,000 (2001 census)

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