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This article is about the English city of Durham. For other uses see Durham (disambiguation)

Durham is a city in County Durham in North East England, roughly 20 miles south of Newcastle upon Tyne. The city centre is enclosed on three sides by the River Wear.

It is home to the University of Durham; its Cathedral and Castle (now University College Durham), which face each other across Palace Green, are jointly designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In medieval times, Durham was a major centre of both political and ecclesiastical power, mainly due to its strategic importance near the border with Scotland. The Prince-Bishops had in their palatine the power over life and death, coined their own money and maintained their own armies. Every Bishop of Durham from 1071 to 1836 was a Prince Bishop except the first Norman-appointed bishop Walcher, who was an Earl-Bishop.

A popular annual event in Durham is the Durham Miners Gala

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