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Religions of the world

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1 Religions, sects and denominations
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Religions, sects and denominations

Abrahamic religions

Listed in alphabetical order:

For a detailed list, see List of Christian denominations

Other and related

Vedic Religions

Note: Yoga is not a religion, but rather a collective term for various spiritual practices and disciplines common to most branches of Hinduism.

Religions of Far Eastern origin

Other Religions/Spiritual Cultivation

New religious movements and cults

Some of the following groups are considered cults; a few are even considered dangerous by their opponents. Read the entry on cults for more information on this controversial topic.

Pagan and polytheistic faiths



Non-religious, anti-religious or Meta-Religious

Mock Religions

Inter-faith Organisations

A number of organisations exist which seek to reconcile differences between religions, and to promote friendship and dialogue.

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