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Law of One

The Law of One is a religion which although being monotheistic, as its name would suggest, this religion allows for the existence of all other religious deities.

Believing that we are all on our own spiritual journey, followers of this religion 'should' be very open-minded and accepting of others beliefs.

Conflict may arise when you get into the finer details of the history of religious figures such as Jesus Christ, as the religion views most 'established' religions as being in error in some respect.

The most important belief in this religion, is that 'All is One, One is All'. Following from this, and also reflecting the Golden Rule found in most religions, it is believed that one should treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. The reason here being, that you are all ultimately One, so in hurting another, you are ultimately hurting yourself.

Its religious texts are derived from most main religions, under the premise that all religious figures in the past were speaking of an aspect of the One, but established religion twisted their meaning to control people. As such, texts that are not officially recognized by these religions, may also be studied, such as gospels left out of the Bible.