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Kibology is a humorous Usenet-based satire of religion, partly parodying Scientology. It is centered on the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.kibology. The central figure of Kibology is Kibo. Practicioners of Kibology are called Kibologists or (sometimes more disdainfully) Kibozos.

James "Kibo" Parry and his friends began Kibology about 1989. In its early Usenet days it was centered in the newsgroups talk.bizarre and alt.slack, until the creation of alt.religion.kibology in late 1991. The faux religion aspect faded in the mid 1990s, and the newsgroup became oriented to the sense of humor of Kibo and his followers. The newsgroup also follows various internet "mad scientists" and "crackpots" like Archimedes Plutonium and Gene "Time Cube" Ray with a mixture of mockery and appreciation for the unintended humor they produce.

Some posts talk about the fictitious nation of Kibonia, which Kibo is the capricious dictator of.

In addition to "Leader Kibo", other Kibologists have developed cult followings of their own from their unusual and humorous writing, the most prominent of these include Stephen Pacheco, Lisa Pea (Elisabeth Rea Higgins), Matt McIrvin, Stephen Will Tanner, Stefan Kapusniak, Joe Bay, and E. Teflon Piano.

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