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Chippewa mythology

The Chippewa (also Ojibwa, Anishaabe) are a tribe of Native Americans located in the Great Lakes region of the United States.

Chippewa mythology is known from oral legends such as the Atisokan, which are told only in winter in order to preserve their transformative powers.

The Midewin are the spiritual leaders of the tribe. A particularly well-respected male spiritual leader was called Tcisaki.

Nanabozho, (also known as Wenabozho), is the trickster, who sometimes takes the form of a hare. Aniwye is a skunk spirit and was involved in the creation of skunks.

Bagucks is a mischievous spirit, a skeletal bird. He is a skeleton because he has starved himself out of obstinance. Wemicus is a trickster god.