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Jon Frum

Jon Frum (or John Frum) is a figure associated with cargo cults in the volcanic New Hebrides islands (now Vanuatu) in Melanesia. On the island Tanna, there is a god named "kerapenmun" associated with a mountain, Mount Tukosmeru. A native named Mancheri, under the alias of Jon Frum, posed as this god and began a cult by appearing to some people and making promises of "houses, clothes, food, transport." The cult is still active today. The followers believe that Jon Frum will come back on a February 15th.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as well, has been worshipped in Vanuatu by cargo-cult followers, the Prince Philip Movement. He is regarded as the head of the cargo suppliers. Notice that the cultist wouldn't accept a woman for this role, so they took the queen's husband.


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