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Navaho mythology

The Navajo are a tribe of Native Americans who live in the southwestern United States.

Yolkai Estasan (or Yolkai Estsan meaning "white-shell woman") is a lunar deity associated with the seasons. Her sister is Estanatlehi. Her name comes from her creation; she was made from abalone. She ruled the ocean, the sunrise, fire, and maize.

Yolkai Estasan's sister, Estanatelhi (or Estsanatlehi), was a sky goddess who was very respected among the Navaho. She was a goddess of change, particularly the maturation of women. She endlessly grows from a young maiden to an adult woman to an old crone, then beginning the cycle again without dying. She created the first humans and now rules over the underworld.

The first man and woman saw a black cloud on a mountain, and after investigating, discovered an infant Estanatlehi who became a woman in eighteen days. She created more people out of small pieces of her skin because she was lonely and wanted companions.

Ahsonnutli was a very important deity, the creator of heaven and earth. S/he was called the "turquoise hermaphrodite."

Hastshehogan is a domestic deity, patron of homes. Hasteoltoi is a goddess of the hunt. Glispa invented medicine and taught it to the Navaho. Bikeh Hozho represents the personified power of speech. Tonenili ("water sprinkler") was a trickster rain god. Tsohanoai ("sun bearer") is a solar deity who carries the sun across the sky on his back and stores it in the west side of his house during the night. The Diyin dine was a group of mortals with great power; they were culture-heroes.

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