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Pygmy mythology

In the African Pygmy mythology, the most important god of the Pygmy pantheon is Khonvoum (also Khonuum, Kmvoum, Chorum), a god of the hunt who wields a bow made from two snakes (it appears to humans as a rainbow). After sunset every day, Khonvoum gathers fragments of the stars and uses them to revitalize the sun for the next day. He occasionally contacts mortals through an elephant (named Gor) or a chameleon. Khonvoum created mankind from clay. Black people were made from black clay, white people came from white clay and the Pygmies themselves came from red clay.

Arebati is a lunar deity and Sky Father. In some sources, he was said to have created humanity from clay, instead of Khonvoum.

Tore is a god of the forests and hunting. He appears as a storm and hides in rainbows. Most importantly, Tore appears as a leopard in the initiation rites. He is possibly

Negoogunogumbar is a child-eating giant. Obrigwabibikwa is a dwarf who can change himself into a reptile.