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List of Christian denominations

List of Christian denominations ordered by historical and doctrinal relationships. (See also: Christianity; Christianity: Denominations)

Table of contents
1 Orthodox Catholic Churches
2 Celtic Christianity
3 Churches in full communion with the Roman See
4 Nestorian Churches
5 Protestantism and descendant churches
6 Restorationism
7 Gnosticism
8 Various Nontrinitarian
9 New Thought churches

Orthodox Catholic Churches

Celtic Christianity

Churches in full communion with the Roman See

Nestorian Churches

Protestantism and descendant churches



United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (Shakers)

United / Uniting churches

  • China Christian Council
Church of Bangladesh
Church of Pakistan
Church of North India
Church of South India
Evangelical Church in Germany
United Church of Canada
United Church of Christ
Uniting Church in Australia


* The largest of these churches, headquarted in Salt Lake City, Utah, sometimes called the LDS Church; commonly, but incorrectly called the Mormon Church
** formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or RLDS Church


Various Nontrinitarian

* Independent Affiliate of the Unitarian Universalist Association
** Alternatively categorized as one of the New Thought churches

New Thought churches