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Maliki is one of the four schools of Fiqh or religious law within Sunni Islam. Maliki is practiced in North Africa and parts of West Africa. It is the second-largest of the four schools, followed by approximately 25% of Muslims.

It differs from the 3 other schools of law mainly on the sources it uses for derivation of rulings. While all 4 schools use primarily the Quran as a source, followed by the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad transmitted as hadith (sayings), consensus of the scholars or Muslims (ijma) and analogy (qiyas). The Maliki school also uses the practice of the people of Medina (amal ahl al-medina) as a source. This accordinging to Imam Malik sometimes supersedes hadith, because the practice of the people of Medina was seen as the 'living sunna' since the Prophet migrated there, lived there and died there, and most of his companions lived there during his life and after his death.