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Tsimshian mythology

The Tsmishian are a tribe of Native Americans located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and nearby areas.

Tsmishian myth is known from orally-passed tales. An Adaox is a story concerning animal spirits in human guise and is usually linked to the origin of the Earth and the peoples on it. A Malesk, in contrast, is an adventure or history tale that purports to entertain rather than explain.

The raven spirit is known as We-gyet or Txamsem. Txamsem is said to have a brother named Logobola who is responsible for the lack of fresh water as well as the existence of the frog into which Txamsem became lost.

A woman named Sagapgia was taken from a canoe by sea-spirits who wanted to marry her. Sagapgia became the mother of a daughter and a son, Wa-medi-aks ("down the useless river"). Both children were stretched by their father in order to make them grow faster. This union between sea spirit and human brought about much more peace from the spirits, who are responsible for drownings and the like.

Amala is the name of a giant who holds up the world.

Ho, a spirit, had a son named Asdiwal and made him magic snow shoes. Using these snow shoes, Asdiwal chased a albino bear to the top of a moutain and, upon catching up to the bear, discovered she was really the daughter of the sun. They were then married.