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Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church was founded in 1959 and now has 20 million ULC ministers worldwide. Their website declares that anyone who wants can become 100% legally ordained in three minutes.

Their one creed (or doctrine) is "Do only that which is right." Of course, every person has the responsibility (some might say the natural right) to peacefully determine what is right.

They truly believe in freedom of religion. In other words, they want every member to be able to pursue their own spiritual beliefs without interference from the government, church agencies, or any other outside agency.

They have gone through their own share of government interference. Court cases had to be taken all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States before the various state and federal government agencies were forced to acknowledge that the Universal Life Church was just as valid a church as any other.

The actual ordination is free, and what makes the ordination complete is its registry with the home church. Imitators have sprung up that charge a fee for ordination.

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