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Lenape mythology

The Lenape (also known as Lenni-Lenape, Leni-Lenape, Delaware Indians and Munsee) are a tribe of Native Americans.

Allowat Sakima (also Alowat Sakima, meaning "great chief"), refers to the head deity of the Lenni Lenape pantheon. The name is also used to describe legendary heroes and chiefs. A headdress including an eagle tail bonnet, eagle feather coupstick and leggings of deerskin was a symbol of Allowat Sakima.

Kishelemukong is the creator god, not involved in the daily affairs of the Leni Lenape. Instead, he directed the manitowak, the life spirits of all living things, which were created by Kishelemukong. The manitowak were venerated in ceremonies, rituals, dreams, visions, games and ohtas (see below), as well as through the interventions of the Metinuwak, the shamans who were healers, spiritual and emotional guides and religious leaders; they could communicate with the manitowak.

An Ohta is a wooden doll carved annually and that were said to have remarkable powers of healing and luck.

A Nianque is a animal guide, such as in a dreamquest.

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