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Process Church

The Process Church of the Final Judgement was a religious cult that flourished in the 1960's and 70's, founded by the Englishman Robert de Grimston Moor and MaryAnne MacLean. It originally developed as a splinter client cult group from Scientology, so that they were declared "suppressive persons" by L. Ron Hubbard in December 1965. In 1966 the members of the group underwent a social implosion and moved to Xtul on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, where they developed a theology. They later established their base of operations in the United States.

They were often viewed as Satanic on the grounds that they worshipped both Christ and Satan; however they believed that Satan would become reconciled to Christ, and that they were coming at the end of the world to judge humanity, Christ to judge and Satan to execute judgment. (Their worship of a being generally considered evil but which they believed had repented and turned good, and the impression this created of them being Satanists, makes them similar to the Yezidis).

In April, 1974 Robert de Grimston was removed by the council of Masters as Teacher. They renounced The Unity and most of his teachings. After this the group fell apart; the council went on to form the Foundation Church of the Millennium, later called the Foundation Faith of God. This group moved further away from the original Processean beliefs, and increasingly resembled a traditional Christian denomination. Eventually religion was dropped altogether by The Foundation and they went on to become The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.Where some of the original Process members can be found even today (Faith aka Mother Hathor). De Grimston attempted to restart the Process Church several times, but he could never replace his original following. Robert then went on and eventually settled down and was last known to be holding a high position with one of America's leading Telecommunications Companies.

A detailed history of the Process Church is contained in William S. Bainbridge's book "Satan's Power". (Note he changes the name of the group and the people involved in this book, in order to hide their identity.)

At present (Sept. 2003) The Process is being re-organized within several groups on the Web and it is projected that a public site will be up and running by early 2004. The intent is to re-start The Process following the original Teachings.

Processean Theology

The term "Processean Theology" distinguishes these ideas from the Process theology derived from the thoughts of Alfred North Whitehead

At Xtul was the first 'channeling' of GOD. After Xtul, Jehovah was the only recognised God. Later, with Jehovah, Lucifer and Satan were recognised as "The Three Great Gods of the Universe" and Christ as the Emissary to the Gods. The Three Great Gods represent three basic human patterns of reality.

The Process believes that, to varying degrees, these "God-patterns" exist within all of us. The main doctrine of The Process is The Unity of Christ and Satan, who exist as opposites. Jehovah and Lucifer exist as opposites and when Christ and Satan are united this will unite Jehovah and Lucifer.

(The descriptions of the Gods comes from a Process Teaching called "The Hierarchy" published in December 1967, as a part of "The Tide of the End".)