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Fellowship of Reason

The Fellowship of Reason is a moral community based in Atlanta. Its founder, Martin L. Cowen III, calls himself a "non-theist", and says that although he does not believe in God or other things supernatural, he nonetheless thinks that churches serve a useful function by providing "moral communities". Wishing to have a moral community that is not theistic (although not officially opposed to theism) he founded that organization.

Fellowship of Reason is also the title of Cowen's book.

Cowen has to some extent been influenced by Ayn Rand's tenet that "Reason, Purpose, [and] Self-esteem" should be the three highest values guiding human life, and by Abraham Maslow's writings on self-actualization. He advocates human relations based on reason and goodwill.

Six Essential Activities of the Organization

Participants in the Fellowship of Reason® practice CEFLOR:

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