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Khoikhoi mythology

The Khoikhoi (Hottentots) are an ethnic group from southern Africa.

The supreme god of the Khoikhoi is called Gamab, a god of the sky and fate. He shoots arrows from the heavens at mortals, killing them.

Tsui (also Tsui'goab) is the god of magic, rain and thunder. Gunab is an evil god.

One of the most famous heroes of the Khoikhoi was Heitsi-eibib (also simply Heitsi, who was the offspring of a cow and the magical grass which the cow ate. He was a legendary hunter, sorcerer and warrior, who most notably killed the Ga-gorib (see below). He was also a life-death-rebirth figure, dying and resurrecting himself on numerous occasions; his funeral cairns are located in many locations in southern Africa. He is worshipped as a god of the hunt.

Ga-gorib is a legendary monster who sat by a deep hole in the ground and dared passers-by to throw rocks at him. The rocks bounced off and killed the passer-by, who then fell into the hole. Heitsi-eibib distracted Ga-gorib and hit it below its ear with a rock; it fell into the pit. In an alternate version, Heitsi-eibib was chased around the hole until he slipped and fell inside. He eventually escaped and pushed Ga-gorib into the pit.

Another monster is called Hai-uri, a jumping creature with only one side to his body (one arm, one leg, etc). He eats humans. Yet another monster is Aigamuxa, a dune-dwelling creature who have eyes on the instep of their feet and must raise their feet in the air to see what is going on.