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Timeline of Ancient Rome

This is a Timeline of events concerning Ancient Rome, from the city foundation until the last attempt of the Roman Empire of the East to conquer Rome.

Note: After the 3rd century AD, the timeline is very incomplete – you can help Wikipedia by adding dates to it.

Table of contents
1 8th century BC
2 7th century BC
3 6th century BC
4 5th century BC
5 4th century BC
6 3rd century BC
7 2nd century BC
8 1st century BC
9 1st century
10 2nd century
11 3rd century
12 4th century

8th century BC

7th century BC

6th century BC

5th century BC

4th century BC

3rd century BC

2nd century BC

1st century BC

1st century

2nd century

3rd century

4th century

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