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List of cathedrals

This is a list of famous cathedrals around the world:

Table of contents
1 Australia
2 Austria
3 Belarus
4 Belgium
5 Canada
6 China
7 Denmark
8 England
9 Finland
10 France
11 Germany
12 Ireland
13 Italy
14 The Netherlands
15 Norway
16 Poland
17 Portugal
18 Russia
19 Scotland
20 South Korea
21 Spain
22 Turkey
23 Ukraine
24 United States
25 Wales


St George's Cathedral, in Perth (Anglican)
St Mary's Cathedral, in Perth (Roman Catholic)


Cathedral of Saint Stephan, in Vienna (Roman Catholic)


Kafedralny Sobor of Minsk (Orthodox)


Cathedral of our Lady Antwerp_(city)


Christ Church Cathedral, in Montreal (Anglican)
Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral, in Montreal (Roman Catholic)
Notre-Dame Cathedral, in Ottawa (Roman Catholic)
Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral, in Quebec City (Roman Catholic)
Saint-Boniface Cathedral, in Winnipeg (Roman Catholic)


Saint Paul's Cathedral, in Macau (Roman Catholic) - partly destroyed, no longer the mother church of the diocese


Saint Canute's Cathedral, in Odense (Lutheran)


Arundel Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Birmingham Cathedral (Anglican)
St Chad's Cathedral, in Birmingham (Roman Catholic)
Blackburn Cathedral (Anglican)
Bradford Cathedral (Anglican)
Brentwood Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Bristol Cathedral (Anglican)
Bury St Edmunds Cathedral (Anglican) (under construction)
Canterbury Cathedral (Anglican)
Carlisle Cathedral (Anglican)
Chelmsford Cathedral (Anglican)
Chester Cathedral (Anglican)
Chichester Cathedral (Anglican)
Clifton Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Coventry Cathedral (Anglican)
Derby Cathedral (Anglican)
Durham Cathedral (Anglican)
Ely Cathedral (Anglican)
Exeter Cathedral (Anglican)
Gloucester Cathedral (Anglican)
Guildford Cathedral (Anglican)
Hereford Cathedral (Anglican)
Lancaster Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Leeds Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Leicester Cathedral (Anglican)
Lichfield Cathedral (Anglican)
Lincoln Cathedral (Anglican)
Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican)
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
St Paul's Cathedral, in London (Anglican)
Manchester Cathedral (Anglican)
Middlesbrough Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Newcastle Cathedral (Anglican)
St Mary's Cathedral, in Newcastle upon Tyne (Roman Catholic)
Northampton Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Norwich Cathedral (Anglican)
Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich (Roman Catholic)
Nottingham Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Oxford Cathedral (Anglican)
Peterborough Cathedral (Anglican)
Plymouth Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Portsmouth Cathedral (Anglican)
Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, in Portsmouth (Roman Catholic)
Ripon Cathedral (Anglican)
Rochester Cathedral (Anglican)
St Albans Cathedral (Anglican)
Salisbury Cathedral (Anglican)
Salford Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Sheffield Cathedral (Anglican)
Cathedral Church of St Marie, in Sheffield (Roman Catholic)
Shrewsbury Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Southwark Cathedral (Anglican)
St George's Cathedral, in Southwark (Roman Catholic)
Southwell Minster (Anglican)
Truro Cathedral (Anglican)
Wakefield Cathedral (Anglican)
Westminster Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Wells Cathedral (Anglican)
Winchester Cathedral (Anglican)
Worcester Cathedral (Anglican)
York Minster (Anglican)


Helsingin tuomiokirkko, in Helsinki (Lutheran)
Turun tuomiokirkko, in Turku (Lutheran)
Uspenskin katedraali, in Helsinki (Orthodox)


Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile, in Albi (Roman Catholic)
Notre-Dame d'Amiens, in Amiens (Roman Catholic)
Cathédrale Saint-Trophime, in Arles (Roman Catholic)
Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur, in Aix-en-Provence (Roman Catholic)
Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, in Beauvais (Roman Catholic)
Notre-Dame de Chartres, in Chartres (Roman Catholic)
Cathedrale St-Julien, in Le Mans (Roman Catholic)
Notre-Dame de Paris, in Paris (Roman Catholic)
Notre-Dame de Reims, in Reims (Roman Catholic)
Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, in Strasbourg (Roman Catholic)


Aachen Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
St. Hedwig's Cathedral, in Berlin (Roman Catholic)
Brunswick Cathedral (Lutheran)
Cologne Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of St. Martin, Mainz (Roman Catholic)


Christ Church Cathedral, in Dublin (Anglican)
Saint Mary's Pro-Cathedral, in Dublin (Roman Catholic)
Saint Patrick's Cathedral, in Dublin (Anglican)


San Fancesco d'Assisi, in Assisi (Roman Catholic)
Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence (Roman Catholic)
Duomo di Milano (Roman Catholic)
Duomo di Pisa (Roman Catholic)
San Giovanni in Laterano, in Rome (Roman Catholic)
San Marco di Venezia, in Venice (Roman Catholic)

The Netherlands

Cathedral of Saint Martin in Utrecht (Roman Catholic) - partly destroyed, no longer the mother church of the archdiocese


Nidaros Cathedral (Lutheran)


Cathedral of Cracow (Roman Catholic) in Krakow;
Cathedral of Czestochowa (Roman Catholic) in Czestochowa;
Cathedral of Oliwa (Roman Catholic) in Gdansk;
Cathedral of Gniezno (Roman Catholic); in Gniezno
Cathedral of Kamien Pomorski (Roman Catholic); in Kamien Pomorski
Cathedral of Poznan (Roman Catholic); in Poznan
Saint Jacob's Cathedral (Roman Catholic)in Szczecin
Saint John's Cathedral (Roman Catholic) in Warsaw
Cathedral of Wroclaw (Roman Catholic) in Wroclaw


Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa, in Lisbon (Roman Catholic)


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Moscow), in Moscow (Orthodox)
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Kaliningrad), in Kaliningrad (Orthodox)
Königsberg Cathedral, in Kaliningrad (formerly Roman Catholic (between 1333 and 1525) and Lutheran (between 1525 and 1945), now cultural center)
Saint Basil's Cathedral, in Moscow (Orthodox)
Saint Isaac's Cathedral, in Saint Petersburg (Orthodox)


Aberdeen Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Aberdeen (Episcopal)
St. Mary's Cathedral, in Aberdeen (Roman Catholic)
Good Shepherd Cathedral, in Ayr (Roman Catholic)
Dunblane Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Dundee (Roman Catholic)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Dundee (Episcopal)
Dunkeld Cathedral (Presbyterian)
Edinburgh Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, in Edinburgh
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral, in Edinburgh
Glasgow Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Glasgow
St. Mary's Cathedral, in Glasgow (Episcopal)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Inverness (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Isles, in Millport (Episcopal)
Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, in Motherwell (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, in Oban (Episcopal)
St. Columbia's Cathedral, in Oban (Roman Catholic)
St. Mirin's Cathedral, in Paisley (Roman Catholic)
St. Ninian's Cathedral, in Perth (Episcopal)

South Korea

Myeongdong Cathedral, in Seoul (Roman Catholic)


Santa Eulalia de Barcelona, in Barcelona (Roman Catholic)
Nuestra Señora de la Almudena, in Madrid (Roman Catholic)
Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago de Compostela, in Santiago de Compostela (Roman Catholic)
Catedral de San Salvador, in Zaragoza (Roman Catholic)
Catedral de Sevilla, in Seville (Roman Catholic)


Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul (Orthodox) - now a museum


Saint Sophie's Cathedral, in Kiev (Orthodox)

United States


All Saints' Cathedral, in Albany, New York (Episcopal)
Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, in Baltimore, Maryland (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of the Incarnation, in Baltimore, Maryland (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Nativity, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Holy Cross, in Boston, Massachusetts (Roman Catholic)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Boston, Massachusetts (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Buffalo, New York (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Burlington, Vermont (Episcopal)
Trinity Cathedral, in Easton, Maryland (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Erie, Pennsylvania (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Incarnation, in Garden City, New York (Episcopal)
St. Stephen's Cathedral, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Episcopal)
Cathedral of St. Joseph, in Hartford, Connecticut (Roman Catholic)
Christ Church Cathedral, in Hartford, Connecticut (Episcopal)
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, in New York City, New York (Episcopal)
St. Patrick's Cathedral, in New York City, New York (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Basilica, in Newark, New Jersey (Roman Catholic)
Trinity and St. Philip's Cathedral, in Newark, New Jersey (Episcopal)
Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral Church of our Saviour, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Episcopal)
Cathedral of Hope, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Presbyterian)
Trinity Cathedral, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Episcopal)
St. Luke's Cathedral, in Portland, Maine (Episcopal)
St. John's Cathedral, in Providence, Rhode Island (Episcopal)
Christ Cathedral, in Springfield, Massachusetts (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Syracuse, New York (Episcopal)
Trinity Cathedral, in Trenton, New Jersey (Episcopal)
St. Matthew's Cathedral, in Washington, DC (Roman Catholic)
Washington National Cathedral (Episcopal)
St. John's Cathedral, in Wilmington, Delaware (Episcopal)


Cathedral of St. James, in Chicago, Illinois (Episcopal)

Cathedral of the Holy Name, in Chicago, Illinois (Roman Catholic)
Christ Church Cathedral, in Cincinnati, Ohio (Episcopal)
St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, in Cincinnati, Ohio (Roman Catholic)
Trinity Cathedral, in Cleveland, Ohio (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Des Moines, Iowa (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, in Detroit, Michigan (Roman Catholic)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Detroit, Michigan (Episcopal)
St. Raphael's Cathedral, in Dubuque, Iowa (Roman Catholic)
Christ Cathedral, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Episcopal)
Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour, in Faribault, Minnesota (Episcopal)
Gethsemane Cathedral, in Fargo, North Dakota (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (Episcopal)
Christ Church Cathedral, in Indianapolis, Indiana (Episcopal)
Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, in Indianapolis, Indiana (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of Christ the King, in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Episcopal)
Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle, in Kansas City, Kansas (Roman Catholic)
Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, in Kansas City, Missouri (Episcopal)
All Saints' Cathedral, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Episcopal)
St. John the Evangelist Cathedral, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of St. Mark, in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Episcopal)
Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Roman Catholic)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Episcopal)
St. Cecilia's Cathedral, in Omaha, Nebraska (Roman Catholic)
Trinity Cathedral, in Omaha, Nebraska (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Peoria, Illinois (Episcopal)
Christ Cathedral, in Salina, Kansas (Episcopal)
Christ Church Cathedral, in St. Louis, Missouri (Episcopal)
St. Louis Cathedral, in St. Louis, Missouri (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of St. Paul, in St. Paul, Minnesota (Roman Catholic)
Calvary Cathedral, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Episcopal)
St. James' Cathedral, in South Bend, Indiana (Episcopal)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Springfield, Illinois (Episcopal)
Grace Cathedral, in Topeka, Kansas (Episcopal)


All Souls Cathedral, in Asheville, North Carolina (Episcopal)
Cathedral of Christ the King, in Atlanta, Georgia (Roman Catholic)
St. Philip's Cathedral, in Atlanta, Georgia (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Advent, in Birmingham, Alabama (Episcopal)
Church of Saints Luke and Paul, in Charleston, South Carolina (Episcopal)
Trinity Cathedral, in Columbia, South Carolina (Episcopal)
St. Matthew's Cathedral, in Dallas, Texas (Episcopal)
Christ Cathedral, in Houston, Texas (Episcopal)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Jackson, Mississippi (Episcopal)
St. John's Cathedral, in Jacksonville, Florida (Episcopal)
St. John's Cathedral, in Knoxville, Tennessee (Episcopal)
Trinity Cathedral, in Little Rock, Arkansas (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Assumption, in Louisville, Kentucky (Roman Catholic)
Christ Church Cathedral, in Louisville, Kentucky (Episcopal)
Christ Church Cathedral, in Lexington, Kentucky (Episcopal)
St. Mary's Cathedral, in Memphis, Tennessee (Episcopal)
St. Mary's Cathedral, in Miami, Florida (Roman Catholic)
Trinity Cathedral, in Miami, Florida (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Mobile, Alabama (Roman Catholic)
Christ Church Cathedral, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Episcopal)
St. Louis Cathedral, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration, in Orkney Springs, Virginia (Episcopal)
Cathedral Church of St. Luke, in Orlando, Florida (Episcopal)
St. Peter's Cathedral, in St. Petersburg, Florida (Episcopal)
Cathedral Chapel of St. John, in San Antonio, Texas (Episcopal)
Cathedral of San Fernando, in San Antonio, Texas (Roman Catholic)
St. Mark's Cathedral, in Shreveport, Louisiana (Episcopal)


Holy Family Cathedral, in Anchorage, Alaska (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of St. John, in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Episcopal)
St. Michael's Cathedral, in Boise, Idaho (Episcopal)
Cathedral of St. John in the Wilderness, in Denver, Colorado (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Denver, Colorado (Roman Catholic)
St. James' Cathedral, in Fresno, California (Episcopal)
St. John's Cathedral, in Fresno, California (Roman Catholic)
Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove, California (Reformed)
Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, in Honolulu, Hawaii (Roman Catholic)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Honolulu, Hawaii (Episcopal)
St. Matthew's Cathedral, in Laramie, Wyoming (Episcopal)
Guardian Angel Cathedral, in Las Vegas, Nevada (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral Center of St. Paul, in Los Angeles, California (Episcopal)
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, in Los Angeles, California (Roman Catholic)
West Angeles Cathedral, in Los Angeles, California (Pentecostal)
Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo, in Monterey, California (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of St. Francis de Sales, in Oakland, California (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of the Holy Family, in Orange, California (Roman Catholic)
Trinity Cathedral, in Phoenix, Arizona (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Portland, Oregon (Roman Catholic)
Trinity Cathedral, in Portland, Oregon (Episcopal)
St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral, in Reno, Nevada (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, in Sacramento, California (Roman Catholic)
Trinity Cathedral, in Sacramento, California (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Madeleine, in Salt Lake City, Utah (Roman Catholic)
St. Mark's Cathedral, in Salt Lake City, Utah (Episcopal)
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Cathedral, in San Bernardino, California (Roman Catholic)
St. Joseph's Cathedral, in San Diego, California (Roman Catholic)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in San Diego, California (Episcopal)
Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, in San Francisco, California (Roman Catholic)
Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco, California (Episcopal)
Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, in San Jose, California (Roman Catholic)
Trinity Cathedral, in San Jose, California (Episcopal)
Cathedral of San Francisco de Asis, in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of St. Eugene, in Santa Rosa, California (Roman Catholic)
St. James' Cathedral, in Seattle, Washington (Roman Catholic)
St. Mark's Cathedral, in Seattle, Washington (Episcopal)
Cathedral of St. John, in Spokane, Washington (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Annunciation, in Stockton, California (Roman Catholic)


Bangor Cathedral (Anglican)
Brecon Cathedral (Anglican)
Saint David's Cathedral, in Cardiff (Roman Catholic)
Llandaff Cathedral (Anglican)
St Woolo's Cathedral, in Newport (Anglican)
Saint Asaph Cathedral, in Saint Asaph (Anglican)
St David's Cathedral, in St David's (Anglican)
Saint Joseph's Cathedral, in Swansea (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, in Wrexham (Roman Catholic)

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