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Liverpool Cathedral

The foundation stone of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral was laid by King Edward VII in 1904. The cathedral was designed by Victorian architect Giles Gilbert Scott and is the fifth largest in the world rising to a height of 100 metres. It occupies a total area of 100,000 square feet and was built mainly of sandstone quarried in Woolton, a Liverpool suburb.

Services were first held in 1940 but the Second World War and inflation slowed work and the completion of the building only came in 1978.

It houses the largest organ (9765 pipes) in the UK and the highest (66 metres) and heaviest (31 tonnes) ringing peal of bells in the world.

Admission to the cathedral is free but with a suggested donation of 3.00. It's open daily all year from 0800 to 1800hrs and regular services are held every Sunday.

Liverpool not only has an Anglican cathedral, but it also has a Catholic cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan.

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