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Table of voting systems by nation

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1 Single-winner voting systems by nation
2 Multiple-winner voting systems by nation
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Single-winner voting systems by nation

Country Body Voting system Total seats
Antigua and Barbuda First past the post 17
Aruba First past the post
Australia House of Representatives Instant-runoff voting 150
Bahamas First past the post 49
Bangladesh First past the post 300
Barbados First past the post 28
Belarus Runoff 260
Belize First past the post 29
Bhutan First past the post 150
Botswana First past the post 47
Canada House of Commons First past the post 301
Cayman Islands First past the post 19
Central African Republic Runoff 85
Congo Runoff 125
Cuba Runoff 589
Democratic Republic of Congo First past the post 210
Dominica First past the post 31
Egypt Runoff 444
Ethiopia First past the post 547
Fiji Instant-runoff voting 70
France Runoff 577
Gabon Runoff 120
Gambia First past the post 36
Ghana First past the post 200
Grenada First past the post 15
Guadeloupe Runoff
Haiti Runoff 83
India First past the post 543
Iran Runoff 270
Jamaica First past the post 60
Kazakhstan Runoff 67
Kenya First past the post 188
Kiribati Runoff 39
Kyrgyzstan Runoff 35
Malawi First past the post 177
Malaysia First past the post 192
Mali Runoff 147
Marshall Islands First past the post 33
Mauritania Runoff 79
Monaco Runoff 18
Mongolia First past the post 76
Montserrat First past the post 7
Morocco First past the post 222
Nauru Instant-runoff voting 18
Nepal First past the post 205
Nigeria First past the post 593
North Korea First past the post 687
Pakistan First past the post 217
Palau First past the post 30
Papua New Guinea First past the post 109
Rwanda First past the post 70
Saint Kitts and Nevis First past the post 11
Saint Lucia First past the post 17
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines First past the post 15
Sierra Leone First past the post 68
Solomon Islands First past the post 47
Sudan First past the post 275
Swaziland First past the post 55
Syria First past the post 250
Tajikistan Runoff 181
Tanzania First past the post 232
Togo Runoff 81
Tonga First past the post 9
Trinidad and Tobago First past the post 36
Turkmenistan Runoff 50
Tuvalu First past the post 12
Uganda First past the post 214
United Kingdom House of Commons First past the post 659
United States House of Representatives First past the post 435
Senate First past the post 100
Uzbekistan Runoff 250
Vietnam Runoff 393
Yemen First past the post 301
Zambia First past the post 150
Zimbabwe First past the post 120

Multiple-winner voting systems by nation


Country Body System Seats per District Total seats threshold
Albania Parallel-Runoff
Algeria Party list 430
Andorra Parallel-Bloc voting 28
Angola Party list 220
Argentina Party list 257
Armenia Parallel-FPTP 189
Australia Senate STV 6 or 2 76
Austria Party list 183
Azerbaijan Parallel-Runoff 125
Bahrain FPTP-Bloc voting 30
Belgium Chamber of Representatives Party list 3-22 150 5%
Benin Party list 83
Bermuda Bloc voting 40
Bolivia AMS 130
Bosnia and Herzegovina Party list 240
Brazil Party list 513
Bulgaria Sobranye Party list 240
Burkina Faso Party list 111
Burundi Party list 81
Cambodia Party list 120
Cameroon Parallel-FPTP 180
Cape Verde Party list 79
Chad Parallel-Runoff 125
Chile Party list 120
Colombia Party list 168
Costa Rica Party list 57
Croatia Sabor Parallel-Party list 140
Cyprus Party list 80
Czech Republic Party list 200
Denmark Party list 179
Djibouti Party-block voting 65
Dominican Republic Party list 120
East Timor Parallel-Party list
Ecuador Parallel-Party-block voting 77
El Salvador Party list 84
Equatorial Guinea Party list 80
Eritrea Party list 130
Estonia Party list 101
Finland Party list 200
Georgia Parallel-Runoff 235
Germany Bundestag AMS n/a 603 (variable) 5%
Greece Party list 300
Guatemala Parallel-FPTP 80
Guinea Parallel-FPTP 114
Guyana Party list 53
Honduras Parallel-FPTP 128
Hungary AMS 386
Iceland Party list 63
Indonesia Party list 425
Ireland Dáil Éireann STV 3-5 1661 n/a
Israel Knesset d'Hondt method 120 120 1.5%
Italy AMS 630
Ivory Coast FPTP-Bloc voting 175
Japan Parallel-FPTP 500
Jordan SNTV 80
Kuwait Bloc voting 50
Laos Bloc voting 85
Latvia Party list 100
Lebanon Party-block voting 128
Lesotho AMS 65
Liberia Party list 64
Liechtenstein Party list 25
Lithuania Parallel-Runoff 141
Luxembourg Party list 60
Madagascar Parallel-FPTP 138
Maldives Bloc voting 40
Malta STV 65
Mauritius Bloc voting 70
Mexico AMS 500
Micronesia Parallel-FPTP 14
Moldova Party list 104
Mozambique Party list 250
Namibia Party list 72
Netherlands Party list 150
New Zealand AMS 120 5%
Nicaragua Party list 92
Niger Parallel-FPTP 83
Niue FPTP-Bloc voting
Norway Party list 165
Panama Parallel-FPTP 72
Paraguay Party list 80
Peru Party list 120
Philippines Parallel-FPTP 204
Poland Sejm D'Hondt method 7-19 460 5% (8% for coalitions)
Senate FPTP bloc voting 2-4 100
Portugal Party list 230
Republic of China on Taiwan Legislative Yuan Parallel-SNTV 164 n/a
Republic of Macedonia Parallel-Runoff 120
Romania Party list 328
Russia Duma Parallel-FPTP 450
Samoa FPTP-Bloc voting 47
San Marino Party list 60
Sao Tomé and Principe Party list 55
Senegal Parallel-Party-block voting 120
Serbia and Montenegro Skupština Party list
Seychelles Parallel-FPTP 33
Singapore Party-block voting-FPTP 83
Slovakia Party list 150
Slovenia Party list 90
South Africa Party list 400
South Korea Parallel-FPTP 299
Spain Party list 350
Sri Lanka Party list 225
Suriname Party list 51
Sweden Party list 349
Switzerland Party list 200
Thailand Bloc voting 391
Tunisia Parallel-Party-block voting 163
Turkey Party list 550
Ukraine Parallel-FPTP 450
Uruguay Party list 99
Vanuatu SNTV 50
Venezuela AMS 203


Much of the data regarding which voting system is used is drawn from this 2002 report from the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

Much of the data regarding the size of the parliaments comes from this 1997 report from the same Institute.

Some of the data has been updated since then.

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1 The Ceann Comhairle or Speaker of Dáil Éireann is returned automatically for whichever constituency s/he was elected if they wish to seek re-election, reducing the number of seats contested in that constituency by one. (In that case, should the Ceann Comhairle be from a three-seater, only two seats are contested in the general election from there.) As a result, if the Ceann Comhairle wishes to be in the next Dáil, only 165 seats are actually contested in a general election.