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Dutch Reformed Church

The Dutch Reformed Church or Netherlands Reformed Church (in Dutch, Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk (NHK)) is a denomination of Christian Protestantism based on the teachings of John Calvin. It is the oldest Reformed church in the Netherlands and formerly enjoyed status as the state church. It was founded in 1618 and became the state religion in 1651. It has 2.3 million members and 1350 churches.

The church has undergone numerous schisms throughout it history. The first in 1618 led to the Remonstrant church. Other significant schisms include the Afscheiding (Separation) in 1834 and in the Doleantie (Sorrow) led by Abraham Kuyper in 1886.

Since 1961, the church has been going through an organizational process to unite with the Dutch Lutheran Church and the Reformed Church in the Netherlands (GKN).

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