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Latter Day Saint movement

The Latter Day Saint movement is the set of historical events during the early 19th century that led to the religion called Mormonism and to the existence of numerous Latter Day Saint churches.

The Latter Day Saint movement is one of a number of movements within Restorationism, which includes the Restoration Movement and the Millerites, who in the early 19th century attempted to transcend Protestant denominationalism, and to restore a form of Christianity more true to that practiced in the New Testament.

The Latter Day Saint movement is attributed primarily to Joseph Smith, Jr and to a lesser extent Oliver Cowdery, who claimed to have seen angels who restored to them various "keys" to running the true Church of Christ. In addition, the Latter Day Saint movement was greatly influenced by Sidney Rigdon, a minister within the Restoration Movement who had been associated with the Disciples of Christ before becoming Mormonism's first great theologian.

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