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The Church of Christ

The Churches of Christ are independent non-denominational congregations of Christians who seek to restore the church-faithful as depicted in the New Testament. Members have a high view of Holy Scripture and its inspiration. They believe that the New Testament was intended by God to be a complete guide to religious faith and practice. The New Testament is regarded as the covenant for the Christian and the revealed will of Christ for his people. It is not read as an accidental and incidental collection of early Christian documents, but as a complete rule for church organization, worship, doctrine, and Christian life. All religious faith and practice must therefore be grounded in Scripture; whatever cannot be so grounded is excluded.

Churches of Christ meet for worship every Sunday. Services consist in prayers, hymns (sung a capella), study of the Scriptures, the Lord's Supper, and a collection. Congregational organization consists in a plurality of elders assisted by one or more deacons, and one or more preachers.

Adult believer baptism for remission of sins is practiced and is viewed as required by the Scriptures.

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