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History of Persia

History of Persia

In 1935 Persia became Iran, see also History of Iran

Table of contents
1 Dynasties
2 Median Dynasty
3 Seljuk Dynasty, 1029-1194
4 Ilkhans, 1256-1343
5 Timurid Dynasty, 1380-1449
6 Safavid Dynasty, 1502-1736
7 Afsharid Dynasty, 1736-1749
8 Zand Dynasty, 1750-1794


See the Dutch version for a more detailed list.

Median Dynasty

The Medes were an Iranian people. The Persians, a related and subject people, revolted against the Median empire during the 6th century BC.

Achaemenid dynasty

Macedonian Dynasty

Seleucid dynasty

(The Seleucid Dynasty gradually lost control of Persia. In 253 BC, the Arsacid Dynasty established itself in Parthia. The Parthians gradually expanded their control, until by the mid 2nd Century BC, the Seleucids had completely lost control of Persia. There were more Seleucid rulers of Syria and, for a time, Babylonia, after Antiochus IV, but none had any effective power in Persia).

Parthian dynasty

Sassanid dynasty, 224-651

part of Umayyad Caliphate, 661-750 part of Abbasid Caliphate, 750-867 divided, 867-1029

Seljuk Dynasty, 1029-1194

divided, 1194-1256

Ilkhans, 1256-1343

divided, 1343-1380

Timurid Dynasty, 1380-1449

divided, 1449-1502

Safavid Dynasty, 1502-1736

Afsharid Dynasty, 1736-1749

Zand Dynasty, 1750-1794

Qajar Dynasty, 1779-1925

Pahlavi Dynasty, 1925-1979

Islamic Republic, 1979 -

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