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List of Estonian rulers

This is a list of Estonian rulers, that is, the Grand masters of the Sword Bretheren of the Teutonic Order, the Kingss and ruling Queenss of Sweden, and the Tsars of Russia, up to 1917. This includes:

Estonian Rulers
The Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order
The House of Vasa
Eric XIV of SwedenErik XIV1561-1568
John III of SwedenJohan III1568-1592
Sigismund I of SwedenSigismund 1592-1599
Charles IX of SwedenKarl IX1599-1611
Gustavus Adolphus of SwedenGustavus Adolphus the Great1611-1632
Christina of SwedenKristina1632-1654
The House of Palatinate
Charles X Gustav of SwedenKarl X Gustav1654-1660
Charles XI of SwedenKarl XI1660-1697
Charles XII of SwedenKarl XII1697-1718
Ulrike Eleonora of SwedenUlrika Eleonora1719-1720
The House of Hesse
Frederick I of SwedenFredrik I1720-1721
The House of Romanov
Peter I of RussiaPyotr - Peter the Great1721-1725
Catherine I of RussiaEkaterina I1725-1727
Peter II of RussiaPyotr II1727-1730
Anna I of Russia 1730-1740
Ivan VI of RussiaIvan VI1740-1741
Elizabeth of Russia 1741-1762
Peter III of RussiaPyotr III1762
Catherine II of RussiaEkaterina II - Catherine the Great1762-1796
Paul of RussiaPavel1796-1801
Alexander I of RussiaAleksandr I1801-1825
Nicholas I of RussiaNikolay I1825-1855
Alexander II of RussiaAleksandr II1855-1881
Alexander III of RussiaAleksandr III1881-1894
Nicholas II of RussiaNikolay II1894-1917

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