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Frederick I of Sweden

Fredrik I
ReignMarch 24, 1720-March 25, 1751
(from 1730 in Hesse-Kassel)
CoronationMay 3, 1720
Royal motto "In Deo spes mea"
("In God my hope")
QueenUlrike Eleonora of Sweden
Royal HouseHesse-Kassel
PredecessorUlrike Eleonora of Sweden
SuccessorAdolf Frederick of Sweden
Date of BirthApril 17, 1676
Place of BirthKassel, Germany
Date of DeathMarch 25, 1751
Place of DeathStockholm
Place of BurialRiddarholmskyrkan, Stockholm

Frederick I of Sweden, born Friedrich I von Hessen-Kassel, to the house of Hesse (April 23, 1676 - March 25, 1751), and reigned as king of Sweden from 1720 to 1751. The Treaty of Nystad forced Sweden to cede Estonia and Livonia to Russia, in 1721.

Some historians have suggested that Fredirick fired the shot, generally claimed to have been a stray bullet, that caused the death of his brother-in-law Charles XII of Sweden in 1718.

He married his first wife, Luise Dorothee Sophie of Prussia (1680 - 1705), on May 31, 1700. His second wife, whom he married in 1715, was Queen Ulrike Eleonora of Sweden (1688 - 1741), daughter of Charles XI of Sweden (1655-1697) and of Ulrike Eleonore of Denmark (1656-1693)

He had three illegitimate children:

  1. Friedrich Wilhelm (1735-1808)
  2. Karl (1737-1769)
  3. Hedwig Amalia (1743-1752)

Preceded by:
Ulrike Eleonora of Sweden
List of Swedish monarchs Succeeded by:
Adolf Frederick of Sweden
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Succeeded by:
Peter I of Russia