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Sigismund I of Sweden

Sigismund I
Zygmunt III Waza
ReignFrom November 17, 1592
- until July 24, 1599 in Sweden
From August, 1587
- until April 19, 1632 in Poland
CoronationOn February 19, 1594 in Sweden.
December 1587 in Poland
Royal motto "Pro jure et populo"
("For justice and people")
ConsortsAnna of Austria
Constance of Austria
Royal HouseVasa
PredecessorsJohn III in Sweden
Stephen Bathory in Poland
SuccessorsCharles IX in Sweden
Ladislaus IV in Poland
Date of BirthJune 20, 1566
Place of BirthGripsholm Palace, Sudermannia
Date of DeathApril 19, 1632
Place of DeathWarsaw, Poland
Place of BurialCathedral of Krakow

Sigismund I of Sweden, (June 20, 1566 - April 19, 1632), was the son of John III of Sweden (1537-1592), of the House of Vasa, and his wife Katarina of Poland (1526-1583). He ruled as King Sigismund III of Poland or Zygmunt III of Poland from 1587 to 1632 and as King Sigismund I of Sweden from 1592 until he was deposed in 1599.

His mother was the daughter of Sigismund I the Old and his wife Bona Sforza. The Jogailos royal house of Lithuania had held the crown of Lithuania-Poland Commonwealth since the first ruler Wladislaw Jogaila had received it via his wife Hedwig in 1383. Sigismund was elected king of Lithuania-Poland Commonwealth in 1587.

He married, firstly, on May 31, 1592, Anna of Austria (1573 - 1598), daughter of Archduke Karl II of Austria (1540-1590) and his wife´Maria Anna of Bavaria (1551-1608).

Their children were:

  1. Anna Maria (1593-1600)
  2. Katharina (1594-1594)
  3. Ladislaus IV of Poland (1595-1648), (reigned 1632-1648)
  4. Katharina (1596-1597)
  5. Kristofer (1598-1598)

On his father's death Sigismund was offered the Swedish throne, and he was crowned in 1594. He tried to rule Sweden from Poland but his uncle (duke Charles, later king Charles IX) took full control of Sweden. In 1598 Sigismund tried to defeat him with a mixed army from Sweden and Poland but was defeated in the battle of Stċngebro.

He married, secondly, on December 11, 1605, his first wife's sister, Constance of Austria (1588 - 1631).

Their children were:

  1. Johan Kasimir (1607-1608)
  2. Johan II Casimir of Poland (1609-1672), (reigned 1648-1668)
  3. Johan Albert (1612-1634)
  4. Karl Ferdinand (1613-1655)
  5. Alexander Karl (1614-1634)
  6. Anna Konstantia (1616-1616)
  7. Anna Katharina Konstanze (1619-1651)

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Preceded by:
John III
List of Swedish monarchs Succeeded by:
Charles IX
Preceded by:
Stephen Bathory
List of Polish rulers Succeeded by:
Ladislaus Vasa