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Peter II of Russia

Peter II of Russia (In Russian: Петр II Алексеевич), (1715-1730) Emperor of Russia from (1727-1730)

Peter (Pyotr) II was the grandson of Pyotr (Peter) the Great. He was the son of Alexis, Pyotr I's son through his first marriage.

He was 12 when he ascended to the throne after the death of Catherine I, although was not actually coronated until reaching the age of majority in 1728. Until his coronation, Russia was ruled by the Supreme Privy Council.

He died of smallpox in 1730. Whilst dying in bed, his wife, Catherine Dolgoruki, whom he had married the same day, was pushed into his deathbed in a desperate attempt to make her pregnant. He was succeeded by his cousin Anna I of Russia (Anna Ivanovna).

Preceded by:
Catherine I
List of Russian Tsars Succeeded by:
Anna Ivanovna