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Casualties of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks: Plane passengers

Any tributes to the individuals lost in this tragedy are welcome and encouraged at our memorial site.

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Planes - World Trade Center - Pentagon


265 people killed on four planes; 232 passengers, 25 flight attendants, 8 pilots. (Note that this total includes the 19 hijackers, who reportedly boarded the planes as passengers.)

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack - Full Timeline
In Memoriam - Casualties - Missing Persons - Survivors - Personal experiences
Donations - Assistance - Closings and Cancellations - Memorials and Services
US Governmental Response - Responsibility - Hijackers - Political effects - Economic effects

See also: "War on Terrorism" -- U.S. invasion of Afghanistan -- 2001 anthrax attack -- World Trade Center -- The Pentagon -- New York City -- Washington, D.C -- AA Flight 11 -- UA Flight 75 -- AA Flight 77 -- UA Flight 93 -- U.S. Department of Defense -- Operation Bojinka -- terrorism -- domestic terrorism -- Osama bin Laden -- Taliban -- Islamism -- Afghanistan -- collective trauma -- September 11

External Links and References

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LA Times--Profiles of the Victims Stories from the Los Angeles area
LA Times--More Southland Plane Victims More stories from the Los Angeles area
California victims of Tuesday's terrorist attacks (9/13/2001) Quick listings from California
CNN Showbiz Today--Cultural figures among the victims Need to add Angell and Olson info
Boston Globe--LA-bound 2 plane left trail of grief--good information for initial entries on Boston-area passengers
Boston Globe--Grounded flights keeps mourners, loved ones apart
The Star Ledger: Lives Remembered
Association of Flight Attendants: In Memoriam
List of California-connected victims
Last calls (tidbits on Flight 93 victums) Google cache
Our Heroes - Flight 93 Memorial

Fully incorporated

AP list of victims
AP list of planes that crashed
Salon--Partial list of attack victims
CNN (AP) partial list of those killed
FOXNews partial list of victims
Plane passenger list from
MSNBC - Searching and mourning after attacks - Some numbers of missing