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E! Entertainment Television

E! Entertainment Television is a cable and DBS television network based in Los Angeles, California. Its official name is E! Networks, with its branches including E! Entertainment Television, Style (a separate cable TV channel dedicated to the fashion industry) and E! Online. Its ownership is a joint venture between Comcast Communications Corporation and The Walt Disney Company, with AT&T also having a smaller stake in the cable channel.

Founded in 1987 as the Movietime channel, E! emphasizes coverage of the celebrity-industrial complex; contemporary film, television and music; entertainment awards shows; daily Hollywood news and gossip; and fashion. E! is available to 80 million subscribers in the U.S and 400 million homes internationally. E!'s sister channel is the Style Network.

Shows are the E! True Hollywood Story, The Anna Nicole Show, Celebrities Uncensored, Star Dates, Love Chain, Talk Soup, Wild On and It's Good to Be. The channel has an evening news broadcast called E! News Live. The channel also rebroadcasts taped Howard Stern shows.