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Frasier is a television sitcom, produced by Grub Street Productions in association with Paramount, that was created as a spin-off from the highly successful sitcom Cheers. It stars Kelsey Grammer, reprising his character of Dr. Frasier Crane from the earlier series. It has become highly successful in its own right.

Dr. Frasier Crane is a psychiatrist who hosts a radio talk show in Seattle. Rosalind "Roz" Doyle is his friend and producer. His brother is Niles Crane, his father is Martin Crane, who is looked after by the health care worker, Daphne Moon. Arch nemesis Bulldog Briscoe who runs a sports program at KACL, the radio station where Frasier works, is played by Dan Butler.

When not hosting his radio program, Frasier drinks coffee at the Cafe Nervosa, a pre-Starbucks Seattle coffee house.

Niles nursed a crush on Daphne for many years, despite being married to Maris Crane. Maris is never seen or heard, only referred to (see unseen character). After a lengthy divorce and other complications, Niles declared his love for Daphne, which she accepted.

Most of the humor (or humour if you're English) is derived of Frasier and Niles competing against each other, and trying to be as snobby as possible. And usually failing. Other themes include Frasier's search for romance, social class conflict with his blue-collar ex-cop father and the lifestyle of a minor celebrity.

Some critics have complained that the series has lost its edge since Niles confessed his love for Daphne, because the tensions and misunderstandings that arose from his undeclared attraction inspired a good deal of the show's early humour.

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