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Casualties of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

Any tributes to the individuals lost in this tragedy are welcome and encouraged at our memorial site. Some articles originally posted to wikipedia have been moved there - if you are looking for such an article, please check there.

See also Missing Persons, Foreign casualties, and Survivors.

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As of October 29, 2003, 2,995 people were presumed dead as a result of all four September 11 attacks. This includes the casualties at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, on the airplanes and the hijackers.


265 people killed on four planes; 232 passengers, 25 flight attendants, 8 pilots. (Note that this total includes the 19 hijackers, who reportedly boarded the planes as passengers.)

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World Trade Center

By October 29, 2003, 2605 people were listed as confirmed dead and 1058 bodies had been identified. (Note: this total does not include the 127 passengers and 20 crew on the two aircraft or the 10 hijackers).

The listing and memorial.

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Missing Persons

The number of missing people grew to estimates as high as over 6000 in the months following the attack, but steadily declined as stories were checked and duplicate entries removed. (See Timeline of WTC missing).

As of August 2002, there were approximately 90 people who were officially missing; that is, their remains had not been identified and no family members had requested a death certificate.

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The great majority of the over 40,000 people working at the World Trade Center at the time of the attack evacuated safely, including 18 who escaped from above the impact zone in the second tower hit. By 9/20/2001 6291 people, including rescue and recovery workers, had been treated for injuries.

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The Pentagon reports 125 staffers killed or missing, with 121 remains recovered and identified, as of Sept. 11, 2002. At least one person died later as a result of wounds incurred.

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Missing Persons

The Pentagon reports 4 staffers missing. One passenger on the airliner which hit the Pentagon was also never identified.

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88 treated at hospital.

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Victim legends

Due to the very large number of World Trade Center casualties and missing persons, victim legends were a common form of September 11, Terrorist Attack urban legends. These were tales of victims who did not exist, spread by word-of-mouth and the Internet. Official sites, such as, contain accurate entries and are trusted content. Because Wikipedia, and many other websites allowed freely adding victims, there were no doubt many obvious fake entries. Fake victims added to these lists were often simply missing at the time of the attacks, or actually survivors of the attacks.

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