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Westrogothia, or Västergötland, is a historical Province or landskap on the south west of Sweden. It borders to Bahusia, Dalia, Wermelandia, Nericia, Ostrogothia, Smalandia and Hallandia. It is also bounded by lakes Vättern and Vänern, as well as the sea at the City of Gothenburg.

CountyVästra Götaland County
Area16,672 km²
Provincial flower
- Swedish
- Latin
Calluna vulgaris
Provincial animalCrane
Provincial fishLawyer

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For current affairs see: Västra Götaland County

In 1999 the Skaraborg County, Älvsborg County and Gothenburg and Bohus County were merged into the current Västra Götaland County. The province of Westrogothia is virtually fitted inside the boundaries of the new county, where the main exceptions are the Municipalities of Habo and Mullsjö which are now in the Jönköping County.


Main article: History of Westrogothia

Chartered cities before 1971:

The province of Västergötland represents the heartland of Götaland, one of the constituent lands at the unification into one Swedish kingdom in the Middle Ages.


Main article: Geography of Westrogothia

Västergötland is geographically bounded by the two largest Swedish lakes Vänern and Vättern.


Main article: Culture of Westrogothia

In Westrogothia the Götaland dialect of Swedish is spoken. The dialect has several varieties like the ones spoken in Gothenburg and Sjuhärad, but the main dialectal variety is the Western Götaland dialect, or Västgötska. "Västergötland", literally means Western Götaland.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (1977-), heir apparent to the Swedish throne is also the Duchess of Westrogothia. Prince Carl of Sweden (1861-1951), son of Oscar II of Sweden and grandfather of Queen Astrid of the Belgians, was too styled Duke of Westrogothia.


Main article: Heraldry of Westrogothia

Westrogothia was granted its arms at the time of the funeral of Gustav I of Sweden in 1560. The province is also a duchy and the arms can be represented with the dukal coronet. Blazon: "Per bend sinister Sable and Or, a Lion rampant counterchanged langued and armed Gules between two Mullets Argent in the Sable field."

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