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Bahusia, or Bohuslän, is a historical Province or landskap on the western coast of Sweden. It borders to Dalia and Westrogothia. It is also borders to Skagerrak and to Norway.

CountyVästra Götaland County
Area4,400 km²
Provincial flower
- Swedish
- Latin
Wild honeysuckle
Provincial animalHarbour seal
Provincial fishMackerel

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For current affairs see: Västra Götaland County

For many years Bohuslän formed Gothenburg and Bohus County, togeather with the City of Gothenburg, but in 1999 it was merged into Västra Götaland County.


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Chartered cities before 1971:

Bohuslän became a Swedish possession in 1658 following the Treaty of Roskilde.


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The fortress of Carlsten was built in Marstrand during the 17th century. It was for a period also a free port (porto franco), with a free religious practice and as such home to the only synagogue in Sweden, at the time.


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In Bahusia a variety of the Götaland dialect of Swedish is spoken. The province was a part of Norway until the 17th century and traces of Norwegian remain in the dialect. "Bohuslän", literally means the "Fief of Bohus", refering to Bohus Fortress and Län.

The rock carvings in Tanum made 2,500 to 3,000 years ago has been entered as a site in the UNESCO World heritage program.


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Bahusia was granted its arms at the time of the funural for Charles X Gustav of Sweden in 1660, it was identical to the arms of the Town of Kungälv. In 1962 the higher claim of the town was established and a variation for the arms of the county was introduced. The coat of arms is represented with a dukal coronet. Blazon: "Argent, a Castle embatteled Gules with one embatteled Tower of the same and two doors Or hinged Sable between a Sword point upwards and Lion rampant holding the Tower both Azure langued and armed Or."

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