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Lake Vättern

Vättern is the largest lake in Sweden, after lake Vänern. The lake's total surface area is 1 912 km², the deepest point is 128 m, and the average depth is 39 m. If there was a measure by volume, rather than by area, it would have been the largest. The name Vättern comes from "vatten", the Swedish word for water.

Situated in Götaland it is drained by Motala ström, starting at Motala, into the Baltic Sea. The lake includes the scenic island of Visingsö, located outside Gränna. Other towns on the lake include Vadstena, Jönköping, Hjo, and Karlsborg. It is bounded by the Provinces of Westrogothia, Nericia, Ostrogothia and Smalandia.

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