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Dalia or Dalsland, is a historical province or landskap in the south west of Sweden. It borders to Bahusia, Wermelandia and Westrogothia. It and is also bounded by lake Vänern and Norway.

CountyVästra Götaland
Area3,708 km²
Provincial flower
- Swedish
- Latin
Myosotis scorpioides
Provincial animalRaven


For current affairs see: County of Västra Götaland

For many years Dalia made up the made up the northern part of the former County of Älvsborg, but in 1999 it was replaced by the larger County of Västra Götaland.


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Åmål (1643), was the only chartered city of Dalia. No other part of Sweden has its area covered with as many lakes as Dalia does.


Main article: Culture of Dalia

The Dalsland canal was completed in 1868 and has 28 locks in its length of 254 km.


Main article: Heraldry of Dalia

Dalia was granted its arms at the time of the funeral of Gustav I of Sweden in 1560. In the 16th century Dalsland had the status of a County (Comitatus) and the was represented with an Earl's coronet. On January 18, 1884 the Privy Council gave all provinces the right of use to a Dukal coronet for their coat of arms. Blazon: "Argent an Ox passant armed and hoofed Or."

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