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Upper Silesia

Upper Silesia (Polish Górny Śląsk, German Oberschlesien) is the south-eastern part of Silesia, an historical and geographical region in Poland (Opole Voivodship and Silesian Voivodship) and the Czech Republic (Silesian-Moravian Region). The region is situated on the Silesian highlands, between the upper Odra and upper Vistula rivers. The most important city is Katowice, the capital of the Silesian Voivodship.

Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area total population 2,930,000.

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Major cities and towns

These are the major cities and towns (population in 1995, cities lie in Poland unless otherwise marked).

Other cities: in Czech Republic: Český Těšín, Karvina, Frydek-Mistek; in Poland: Chelmek, Kety, Makow Podhalanski, Skoczow, Sucha Beskidzka, Ustron, Wilamowice, Wisla, Zator.


Upper Silesia was formerly a Prussian province.

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