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Sucha Beskidzka

Sucha Beskidzka (before 1961 called only Sucha) is a powiat town in the southern Poland (see: Sucha Beskidzka county), in the Lesser Poland Voivodship since 1999, previously in Bielsko-Biala Voivodship (1975-1998). Population: 9,737 inhabitants (2002).

It developed strongly in the end of 19th century thanks to railway junction: Krakow - Sucha Beskidzka - Zakopane and Zywiec - Sucha Beskidzka.

Since the beginning of the 20th century it is the centre of the mountainous tourism in this part of the Beskidy Mountains (part of the Carpathians). In the town there are some examples of old architecture: worth seeing is the Renaissance castle (16th cent.), called Little Wawel, the church with cloister (17th cent.) and the old wooden inn, called Rzym (Rome) (18th cent.).

In the town, there is two higher education schools: College for the Foreign Languages Teachers (NKJO, [1]) and the Higher School of the Tourism and Ecology (WSTiE, [1]).


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