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Vistula (Polish Wisła, German Weichsel) is the name of a river in Poland, Central Europe. It is the country's longest river: it is 1,047 kilometers (678 miles) long and drains about 192,000 square kilometers (74,000 sq. miles).

The Vistula has its source in the south of the country, at Barania Góra (1220m high) in the Beskidy mountains where it starts with White Little Vistula (Biała Wisełka) and Black Little Vistula (Czarna Wisełka). It then continues to flow over the vast Polish plains, passing several large Polish cities along its way, including Cracow, Sandomierz, Warsaw, Plock, Wloclawek, Torun, Swiecie, Tczew and Gdansk. With a delta and several branches (Leniwka, Przekop, Śmiała Wisła, Martwa Wisła, Nogat and Szkarpawa) it empies into the Vistula Bay and Gdansk Bay of the Baltic Sea

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