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Sosnowiec is a city located in the south of Poland

It is a county capital neighboring Katowice and one of the largest cities in the Śląskie Province. It has a population of 240.000 characterized by its dynamism, economic activity, and care for its cultural heritage and natural environment. In recent years, Sosnowiec has been transformed from and industrial center with mainly mining and heavy industries into a trade, service processing hub.

Its Special Economic Zone(SEZ), which was established in Sosnowiec thanks to the efforts of local authorities, has played a major role in the establishment of new businesses in the area. As a result, several companies with Polish and foreign capital have decided to place their businesses in the city. Companies operating on the local market have easily adopted their technologies to market requirements and global standards.

A large number of them have introduced quality assurance systems compatible with the international standards ISO 9000, while others have been awarded the ISO 14000 quality certificate. This year Sosnowiec City Office was awarded the ISO 9001 2001 quality certificate for its management system for providing services for the local community. Modern Image of a 100 - Year – old City

Sosnowiec does not just stand for industry, services and trade. It is an academic center with a well-developed research and educational infrastructure. The University of Silesia (schools of modern languages, natural science, technology and a language teacher training college), the Silesian Medical Academy, whose Faculty of Pharmacy is seated in Sosnowiec, and the private School of Marketing and Management operate in the City.

Moreover, the Silesian Technical University will soon open a campus in Sosnowiec.

The City`s image is changing each day, and Sosnowiec celebrated its 100th birthday with brand new décor. The downtown area was thoroughly rebuilt, which resulted in harmonizing its architectonic layout and gave the city a unique, modern image.

The main reason for the modernization was the creation of a 21st c. urban center.

This year, Sosnowiec authorities and designers were awarded the Grand Prix for the rebuilding of the downtown area in a competition for the best public space in the Śląskie Province.

This investment has been accompanied by a program designed to improve the esthetic qualities of the city, under which a comprehensive program for unifying the colors of the elevations, and advertisements entitled “rainbow city” has been introduced.

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