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List of seaports

This is a list of the world's seaports:

Table of contents
1 Atlantic Ocean
2 Arctic Ocean
3 Indian Ocean
4 Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Adriatic Sea

Aegean Sea

Baltic Sea











Baltic Ports
Authority Country City Tons Containers TEU Passangers
PORT OF GDYNIA AUTHORITY Poland Gdynia 9,365,200 252,247 364,202
PORT OF GDANSK AUTHORITY Poland Gdansk 17,371,401 20,136 168,080
SZCZECIN-SWINOUJSCIE SEAPORT AUTHORITY Poland Swinoujscie 18,163,000 19,960 640,150
BULK CARGO - PORT SZCZECIN Poland Szczecin 5,577,795 none none
PORT HANDLOWY ŚWINOUJŚCIE Poland Swinoujscie 6,169,038 none none
COPENHAGEN MALMÖ PORT Danmark/Sweden COPENHAGEN/ MALMÖ 13,414,664 128,615 1,707,516
LUEBECKER HAFEN-GESELLSCHAFT Germany LUEBECK 24,410,000 55,677 638,732
PORTS OF STOCKHOLM Sweden Stockholm 7,800,000 36400 9,700,000
JSC SEA PORT OF ST.PETERSBURG Russia Sankt Petersburg 23,210,200 456,836
PORT OF TALLINN Estonia Tallinn 37,854,900 87,912 5,944,900
FREEPORT OF RIGA AUTHORITY Latvia Riga 18,108,600 127,459 156,843
FREE PORT OF VENTSPILS AUTHORITY Latvia Ventspils 37,937,000 219 8,370
KLAIPEDA STATE SEAPORT AUTHORITY Lithuania Klaipeda 19,396,300 39,955 105,729
SEA COMMERCIAL PORT OF KALININGRAD Russia Kaliningrad 2,719,000 21,313 0

Bay of Biscay

Caribbean Sea

English Channel

Great Lakes

Gulf of Mexico

Mediterranean Sea

North Sea


Strait of Dover

River Thames

Tyrrhenian Sea

Arctic Ocean

Indian Ocean

Arabian Sea

Bay of Bengal

Gulf of Aden

Gulf of Maraban

Gulf of Oman

Persian Gulf

Red Sea

Pacific Ocean

Bering Strait

East China Sea

Gulf of Alaska

Gulf of Thailand

Puget Sound

Sea of Japan/East Sea

South China Sea

Tasman Sea