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Málaga is a port town in Andalusia, Southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol coast of the Mediterranean. It is the capital of the Spanish province of the same name. The city has over 600,000 inhabitants in 2003. Malaga is surrounded by mountains, and two rivers, the Guadalmedina and the Guadalhorce, flow near the city into the Mediterranean.

The inner city of Málaga is just behind the harbour. The quarters of El Perchel, La Trinidad and Iagunillas surround this center. The city has much revenue from the agrarian sector and from tourism. The painter Pablo Picasso, 19th century Spanish politician Antonio Canovas del Castillo and the actor Antonio Banderas were born in Malaga.

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The Phoenicians founded the city Malaka here, about 1000 BCE. The name Malaka is probably derived from the Phoenician word for salt because fish was salted near the harbour; in another Semitic language like Arabic the word for salt is still milch, and in Hebrew melach.

About 7 centuries later, the Romans conquered it along with the other Spanish areas of Carthago. From the 5th century CE it was under the rule of the Visigoths. In the 8th century, Spain was conquered by the Moors, and the city became an important centre of trade. At a late stage of the reconquista, the reconquering of Spain, Málaga also became Spanish again, in 1487.

Malaga underwent fierce bombing by Italian and Nationalist airplanes during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Tourism on the adjacent Costa del Sol boosted the city's economy in the 1960s


The city is visited by very many tourists every year. There are various very cheap charter flights to and from Malaga from cities like Amsterdam and London.

From Málaga, other cities of Andalucia can be visited, like Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada, which can be reached by train, bus or car.

One can make a beautiful walk up the hill to the castle, which is called the Castillo de Gibralfaro (Parador). From here one has a very beautiful view over the city, as the pictures show. The castle is next to the Alcazaba, which in turn is next to the inner city of Malaga. By the Paseo del Parque, a promenade that runs along a park with lots of palm trees and statues, one can walk from the Alcazaba to the harbour.

Sights in Málaga:

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